Download eNotebook

eNotebook is a simple browsing tool that helps you save website pages and links, offline, so that you can view and explore it at leisure. And the best part, this tool allows you save data or content from different links as a single file. The tool offers the capability to save text, images, hyperlinks, etc. The tool also offers the ability to catalog the downloaded web pages or links, based on a tree structure, and view them offline or even edit them using a HTML wysiwyg editor tool.

Thus, if you are looking for a software tool that will allow you to organize data collected from the internet; then, this database-driven utility claims to be an ideal choice. You can also use the tool like an eBook software utility, as it helps you to organize digital content downloaded from the Web. The interface has been designed with two panes, within the main window. One pane displays the tree structured directory of all the downloaded or saved content, and the other pane displays the actual content of each link that has been selected for viewing. The tool also comes integrated with some sample content, so that it is easy for new users to understand how to organize their data and use the tool. It also comprises a Help feature for those who are completely new to this concept.

You can save online content, just like you do the conventional way; right-click on the page you are browsing and save the content using the menu options. The tool is also integrated with some basic edit tools that allow you to edit the text in the saved links or even add or change image files. You can save the files using .ENB, which is the default format of this tool, or choose to save it as HTML files. This tool is based on database concept; and therefore, users without knowledge of database tools would find it a bit difficult to work with this program. This is considered one of its major limitations. All the same, you can check out this tool using its 25 day free trial version. It can be implemented in almost all Windows based platforms.