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Formerly published as ChromePlus, CoolNovo is a browser application that has been brought out by Maple Studio and is actually a modified and improved version of its predecessor. Although the tool is available as a freeware tool it comes integrated with several online advertisements, which can be considered a deterrent in opting for this browser application. A simple to use tool, the installation process is also quite simple; and the tool initiates with a starting guide or beginner tutorial that guides you through the various features of this app.

This help feature is considered one of its plus points as it is integrated with graphics to help you better understand the best way to utilize this tool in the most efficient manner possible. One of the major benefits or advantages offered by this browser tool is the ability to switch to Internet Explorer whenever you access websites that are not supported in Chrome. Some of its other prominent features are the ability to restore tabs that have been closed and the ability to save various configuration data in the cloud. The benefit of the latter functionality is that you can later use this data to synchronize multiple computers. The tool also includes various mouse gestures to navigate within as well as across web pages. There also mouse gestures to help you load new pages, stop loading a page, or reload pages.

The super drag is another important functionality that has been integrated in this utility. The ability to download tools, use bookmarks, and right click or double click to close a tab, etc is some of its other beneficial functionalities. The browser claims to be fast and is not resource intensive; in fact, its publishers claim that it uses lesser system resources when compared to Chrome. Considered a serious competitor for Google’s Chrome browser, you can implement this utility in almost all recent versions of Windows operating systems, including the 64 bit versions.

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