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Designed and developed by an entity of the same name; CometBird is browser application that has been designed using the same code as Firefox. Being a shareware software utility, many browsing tools have been developed with Firefox as its basic platform. This application also falls under this category, but what makes it distinctive is its many unique features. Being based on Firefox, the menus and options are almost the same. The interface has the same appearance and the options are placed in almost the same locations within the tool’s window. Although you cannot open multiple tabs within the same window, like you do with Firefox; it does offer you the option to view all your open browser tabs through a thumbnail feature.

Designed for Windows platforms, this application can be implemented in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista systems. The tool is compatible with other browser applications and allows you to import your bookmarks; moreover, you can also sync multiple machines to update your browser information such as history, passwords, etc. Two of the most prominent features of this browser utility are its built-in media downloader and built-in translator. Using the former functionality, you can download all types of audio, flash, and video files; including those that are embedded in web pages and cannot be saved separately. The latter function is quite beneficial when you are browsing non-English web pages. It is also easy to use, roll your mouse over the word that requires translation, and the app automatically shows it to you.

Being a freeware application, you can use this software for all your web browsing requirements. It offers several options to customize the application according to your requirements. Besides a powerful security system, it also offers several privacy settings that help you implement a secure and private browsing environment. An intelligent password manager function and a smart address bar are some of the other important features integrated in this utility. For those who are familiar with the Firefox browser, this is regarded as a good alternative that can be tried out.

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