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CodeNgen is an n level system generating device  intended with a purpose to reduce the development moments to create scalable facts driven  requirements. It makes use of table formation and easily incorporates into any accessible database server like MySQL, SQL server, or Oracle database to create data access code, C# business  entities and stored procedures. CodeNgen is considered to be the perfect device which adds into advance toolbox as it can almost do away with consuming chore of writing accumulate procedures,  business entrance lessons, data contacts and permits to target on the application which results in an increased efficiency and lessening in time to marketplace.

CodeNgen is a perfect system generation device as it has numerous features that are advantageous for the users. It assists  the business layers. It offers continuous flow in work process and  systems are understood without any snags. It is conducive in set of categorization. It supports the centralized commercial reason. It mechanically handles auto increase and identity columns.  The  basis code for all support classes  are included and it completely supersedes derivative classes. The collection tools of CodeNgen are  IList, IEnumerable,  ICollection,  IBindingList, IComponent, ITypedList, INotifyCollectionChanged, Objects implement, IEditableObject, IDataErrorInfo, IXmlSerializable etc. It is well matched with Microsoft .NET 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0. It is also suitable with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. It renormalizes the  field for simple data fastening, concurrency and dealings.

CodeNGen is a constructive tool that can generate all stored procedures and person’s  entire data contact and business level from his accessible database within few minutes. One can spend his time in writing  application. CodeNGen is a combination of base categories and associated with particular rules that offers well-off statistics support to person’s applications like recursive data purposes, data fastening  and unusual limitations.  Therefore it is considered to be a consistent toolbox as its performs several functions without any complications.




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