Download Chromium

Chromium is a new impressive browser that you will love. It is designed to provide the internet users a safer and faster web experience. It is the base for the great and powerful Chrome browser and has all the features that Chrome provides you with. It is light-weight browser but still gives the same performance as other browsers in the market.

The interface of the browser is so innovative and attractive. Opening a new tab lists the most visited websites so that you can have an easy access to your favorite sites quickly. Its interface resembles that of Chrome and it also has the same powerful support for themes and extensions.

It's perfect for Firefox fanatics and it may happen you like it even more.With its innovative interface and features your navigation experience will improve like ever before.

Chromium is an application that is fully customizable very Google Chrome like, It's fast and it's totally free, at the second of install it you will see how awesome and efficient it is. The search box and the address bar are combined in a single one to save space and it will let you import your favorites sites from other browsers installed in your computer.

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