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Ace Exlporer is another browser software tool that is designed for Windows based platforms and can be implemented in Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and XP versions. Designed and developed by Advanced Search Technologies; this browsing tool claims to be a powerhouse of amazing and useful features that can make your browsing experience secure, simple, and user-friendly. With a sleek design and an intuitive interface, the tool claims to offer all the options that would be required during your online activities right at your finger tips. The tool is also simple to install and starts automatically.

The interface comes integrated with a toolbar that contains all the essential icons to execute various tasks such as accessing your email, customizing your page by changing fonts, editing your Web pages, zooming in on the web page, and even browsing privately using proxy servers. It is also easy to work with and allows you to access multiple web pages, simultaneously. As each new page opens, it is listed as a tab instead of a separate window. Available as a free to use software utility, the publisher’s claim that this is an appropriate alternative for most of the other popular browsers.

Some of the prominent features offered by this utility are ability to block pop-ups, automatic form filler function, customized skins for the browser window, grouping of your favorite websites, automatic login to websites, ability to view hidden sites, executing quick searches, translation function, in-built scripts and commands, suppression of script errors, ability to create black and white list of your favorite sites, and creating aliases for your URL. Thus, the tool seems to offer almost all the desirable features as part of the browser application, enhancing the chances of making it a possible favorite among users.

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