Download YoWindow

YoWindow is one of the most popular applications for weather forecasts. It is unique and stands out from the rest of the tools of its class due to its out of the class interface. The fun and attractive graphics that make up its interface are really impressive. It displays the weather forecasts in an animated colorful window using beautiful graphics. Unlike other applications that display weather conditions through desktop notifications, this program features animated landscapes that reflect the current weather.

A nice animated background shows up the current conditions of weather, rainy, cloudy or sunny and temperature, humidity, pressure and wind. The important thing is that this background is customizable so that you can insert your own pictures to it. It even shows up astronomical information such as moon, sun and daylight calculations. The landscapes are chosen from about 1400 built in pictures including seaside, airport, village and more. The backgrounds change with change in seasons according to nature. You can even set the program as your screensaver.

You can select any place over the world to look for its conditions. You can know about the weather of different dates as well as times of a particular day. It offers you weather forecast for three days. The program promises you accurate reports and forecasts at any time you want. All the facts about the current conditions are right on your desktop when you wish to have them.

YoWindow is a recommended weather forecast tool and deserves to be downloaded right here!