Download WeatherMate

WeatherMate is a must have tool for those of us who keep interest in knowing about the weather conditions of different places around the world. With the ability to provide information about over 50,000 locations around the world, it serves its users with the current weather information for any selected place. Now you can have the weather forecast for any place right on your windows desktop. Not only is it capable of delivering the accurate and latest weather information, it features some tools that let you benefit more from it.

The program resides in a system tray showing the current conditions of weather and it can be maximized to display the detailed information like temperature and wind speed, precipitation chances and the weather forecasts for the coming days. The straight and simple interface gives you a list of locations that you can select and change easily. It gives you easy access to the settings that let you change the way the program looks and works. You also have a text to speech conversion engine that enables the program to speak out the reports for you. The tabbed design allows you to have a look at multiple locations simultaneously.

Everything you would expect a weather software to offer you is here. Download it right now!