Download WeatherEye

If you are about to making a choice for a weather software for your desktop, you are at the right place! If you are planning to travel, the most important thing to do is checking for the weather conditions of the place. For this purpose, you would need to search through the websites for the information about the place you are going. But that is neither reliable nor an easy way. You would spend a lot of time looking through different online sources of weather information. An alternative to this, both easy and accurate, is to have a powerful weather software at hand.

WeatherEye is one of the options available in market designed to provide the users with the latest weather conditions and forecasts right on their desktop. With more than 5000 locations included in the database, this program is capable of offering you the current conditions of weather for any place you are looking for, across the world. You can rely on the information provided by this tool as it retrieves it from the most popular weather networks over the internet. Now you can stay updated on the hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts and even long term forecasts for weather for any location of your choice and interest.

By default, the program displays a forecast for coming five days and you can choose the long term option for having it for up to ten days. Not only this, you can even choose to have the forecasts and data for multiple locations at the same time. It has configuration options for setting the units of measurements, locations and other settings that make the program work the way you would like. A simple and efficient weather tool worth trying!