Download WeatherBug

WeatherBug is one of those applications that are dedicated to retrieving the current and latest weather information from the network of weather sensors worldwide. It is simple yet powerful enough to display the weather info right on your desktop. Now it is possible to keep yourself updated with the latest weather conditions for your region. Not only the current conditions, you get to access the future weather conditions by opting for hourly or daily forecast, three days forecast, maps and notifications. All these is directly available for access on the main screen.

The most impressive feature of this program is the notifications component. You can set the program to alert you of critical weather conditions. For instance, you want to be notified of the rain; the program takes care that you are given an alert when it rains although you are working at a different application. The program's interface is kept simple so that even beginners can use it well. The home screen lists the current conditions and the forecast. You can also access the weather news, radars, maps, health news, severe weather conditions and cameras, whatever you find useful. For those who want to travel, it offers a travel interactive map which displays the weather on the map for different regions. Settings option let you customize the program by setting your preferences. You can enable/disable tips, description, forecast tooltips, sound notifications, etc.

Though capable of offering you so much, it consumes very little system resources. A very convenient and accurate tool for weather information!