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Do you want regular weather updates on the task bar? Then obviously, you should start using the Weather Tracker. It is actually an application, which works out on your personal computer. You can definitely rely on this because it actually receives the weather information from Bureau of meteorology. In fact, you would also be notified of any major or minor weather changes pertaining to your particular area. In order to prior information, you might set a modified weather alerting option, which would let you know whether the rain or win is ahead. Apart from that, it even alerts you with the maximum or minimum temperature and the direction of the wind too. In case if you see that the wind has reached beyond 15 knots, then you should definitely consider those.

Moreover, now you can easily see the application enables you to get weather related information that too for seven days. In order to make the information more accurate and specific the weather tracker even incorporates the use of the radar, satellite, and other links denoting the weather map. In one word, you can that this is the best way to keep yourself updated. Some of the impressive features, which would definitely make you spellbound, is its outstanding design coupled with pristine observation that too on a real time basis .Above all, it also lets you to see the icon of the temperature that too on the system tray. The best thing is that you can set the weather tracker anywhere you like on your desktop.

Once you click properly, you will definitely come across various options in the panel that would actually tell you to custom the tracker accordingly. In fact, it allows you to make severe changes in the look of the tracker. Even you will get the alerts for about 550 stations situated in and around Australia as well. You should definitely have this innovative weather detecting application installed on your desktop.


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