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It often becomes necessary to get weather forecasts simply by sitting in front of the computer. What to do in such cases becomes a million dollar question. Though weather reports can be found over the internet, it would be really nice to have them ready and flashing on our screens the moment we open our web browsers. Weather forecasts are required by all of us who need to step out of the house at a moment’s notice. For such occasions we need tools which do the job for us. is such a website which provides ready made weather reports. Besides this, it offers a unique toolbar which updates itself from time to time from its developers website and hence provide us with the latest updates. The Weather Blink toolbar attaches itself to the browsers and thus does its job.

Weather Blink toolbar works with all major browsers and provides accurate and timely weather reports. With the following key features, it is ready to serve users to its full potential:
: prior reports of weather; it provides forecasts of the next 5 days of the local area which makes it such an efficient tool,
: it updates itself hourly with the reports created by and hence is trustworthy to the fullest,
: it features a radar functionality which checks the current weather conditions almost anywhere in the nation with the help of weather radars and satellites,
: it also creates video of weather conditions with the help of video cameras situated at the various weather stations throughout the country,
: it creates a report of the content of dust particles in the air and hence alerts the local people of the conditions,
: and last but not the least, it provides weather headlines from all over the world.

All in all, it is a great toolbar to possess and benefit from.