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Do you want to get a real time data pertaining to weather? Then surely start using the VI Meteo. It is one of the best software giving you profound information regarding the wind, precipitation, temperature, direction of the wind as well as the speed of the wind too. In addition to this, it also gives you the detail of the data of the weather for the last one to 60 hours. It even gives you the data of several stations at a time for the Europe it actually portrays in the form of the Celsius and for United States it shows Fahrenheit.

Moreover, you can even use the VIMeteo very easily simply you need to click twice on the world map and list out the stations adjoining the place. After that you should make sure to press the button called enter so that you can distinguish your favorite stations out of the list. Moreover, you will get the meteorological  data of a station that too for 6 hours in advance. Once you are done with all these, now it is the time for you to point out all the stations, which is actually shown in red color. After that, you need to press the button of show all stations where you could actually see all the marked stations. If you want, you can even quest for a station by entering a code called ICAO beside it.

Apart from all these, you need to make sure that you should enter a selected meteorological  data to be shown on the diagram. In fact, this would reflect the wind direction, wind speed, pressure, temperature etc. Once you get the stations list, you should use the buttons of the page up and down. This would definitely help you out to specify the search and come across the desired station. Well now you should start using one of the best tool that gives you detail of the weather

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