Download The Weather Channel App

Want to stay on the top of the local weather conditions? Try this innovative and simple weather forecasting tool today! The Weather Channel App is a weather software designed for Windows and serves you with the latest information on your local weather right on your desktop. Now you can access the latest severe weather alerts using this powerful application.

What makes it stand out from other software tools of its class is its attractive new look and the capability to deliver the accurate and timely alerts and forecasts. A very easy to use interface makes it delightful to use the features and options the program offers you. Some of its amazing features are listed below :

  • Hourly and daily forecasts
  • Up to ten locations
  • System tray icon with current temperature
  • Video presentation of weather conditions
  • Quick access to critical weather alerts
  • Information on health related impact of weather
  • Radar information using interactive maps
  • Attractive visual imagery based on weather conditions

Now you can easily find out whether it will rain or snow in your area in next few hours. The program can be customized to look the way you would like using the themes. All these for no cost at all! Why not have it right now and start benefiting from it?

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