Space weather for windows 8

Download Space weather for windows 8

Whether it rains or there is storm, everything depends on certain factors. In the huge universe, the ever changing astronomical phenomenon is the root cause of change of weather of this little blue planet. The space organizations and astronomers always have their eyes on the changing space phenomenon. Here is the software known as the space weather which brings in the new special conditions to your system.

Space’s climatic condition has a great influence over our earth. Satellites can get hampered, life can get destroyed. Whatever is the condition, this software after installation shows the climatic changes. It makes an icon in the system tray. So whenever you place your cursor over it, a new notification will be displayed. But for the case when there is some danger or important space events occur, an alert will be shown to you. You can gain the knowledge even before the media can broadcast it. You can share with your friends also. The software has certain tools through which you can manipulate the settings. You can choose your place of interest and receive notification only for that particular area.

This software is very effective as well as efficient for those who work on the celestial bodies’ effect over earth or for those who work on satellites. This software is created for windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista as well as 7. The latest version includes some more features which are compatible with only Windows 8.