Download Rain Alarm for Windows 8

Well have you heard of rain Alarm? It is a new app which is known for its cutting edge performance .In fact you can get this in any store of the windows 8.Actually this provides animation on the maps of the Google along with the radar updates. Along with that, you will get daily updates regarding the weather that too in a real time basis. Next, you might also see that it is capable enough to present any kind of weather information that too in a precise way.

The best thing is that you would like to catch glimpses of such thing on a highly integrated interface that garnished in a professional way. Moreover, you will also get all the information against any kind of possibility of rain. The popularity of this app has made it one of the best companions for the governmental department of weather. It actually serves several countries at a time like the Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America etc. Apart from getting news from the Google maps , the Rain Alarm windows8 even let you know about the radar information that too in an animated form as well as upgraded as well. You would be exulted to know that it gives you a tile version, which actually states the precipitation condition that even real time as well.

The next important thing is that you can easily configure that on your desktop simply by modifying the alarms, appearance, as well as the default location. Once you decide to install that make sure that the resolution of your desktop should be about 86*64 in case of the windows 8.However, you can also make it run on Arm devices as well.It is not the time to think much, now it is the time for you get this mind blowing application for yourself.

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