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PC Weather Machine is a very comprehensive way of getting the required information on weather status. Providing accurate weather information is always critical to get, as very few programs are close to the optimum accuracy level. But, you have to remind of one thing that meteorological weather information is almost every time correct with higher percentage of accuracy involved. That’s where this PC Weather Machine gets ahead of others.

PC weather machine is an integrated weather information tab, which works much more comprehensively than any other weather software currently available. Weather forecasts for certain areas of your choice, the weather maps and free accessibility with the internet, makes it a very impressive weather tool.

The main menu includes five different dial gauges such as the Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Anemometer and Weathervane. These five different gauges help you to gather the current weather information of any place you want to know about. A second pointer served on Thermometer and Anemometer shows the wind gust speed and dew point temperature.

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