Download MyFreeWeather

A weather software is inevitable for tracking the latest weather conditions in your area or any other place if you are travelling. You find a variety of weather tools with different features in market. One of the very popular tools is MyFreeWeather. It is a simple program that lets you view the sky of any place over the world for recording the weather of that particular location. Using this tool, you can get to know about the date and time of any place, information about the severe weather conditions and forecasts for coming days. Everything is so simple with it!

You just have to enter the name of the place and the rest is taken care of by the program. Detailed information about the weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed and humidity is presented in a comprehensive manner using graphical sky illustrations. The interface of the program is very intuitive and plain letting you access all the information and its features with ease. You can customize the program to work the way you want. It is possible to configure the options and add locations to its database. The program works by residing in the system tray so that you have an easy and quick access to it when you want.

A really recommended program for anyone!