Meteo Fusion

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Meteo Fusion is a simple and effective weather software designed for those interested in weather. Its purpose is to save you the time and effort to look for the current weather conditions using different weather websites. The program is capable of providing the latest information about the wind, pressure, temperature and sunshine for thousands of towns around the world. Now you don't even need to look out of your window to find how today's weather is. This amazing software brings everything right on your desktop.

The program presents the latest weather data for any selected location in a very comprehensive and beautiful way using a widget like screen on your desktop. The impressive thing is that it is possible to customize this screen with effects, skins and icons. You can also set the preferences for the interval you want for updating the information. The program interface is very simple and intuitive and makes it extremely easy to use. You can change the locations easily and with the click of a button, the program retrieves the data for the location.

The forecasting feature of the application is amazing. It is possible to get to know about the probable situations for the coming ten days. Details of each day's maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation and other general conditions as well as critical weather information are brought to you by this component. It is a reliable and accurate solution for people curious about weather.

The program is highly recommended for anybody who is about to choose a good weather software!