Download InterWARN

InterWARN is a powerful warning software tool for weather designed for Windows PC. It is intended to make the optimum use of one's internet connection by using services like National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center and Storm Prediction Center for warnings and watches on weather conditions. A summary screen shows these watches and warnings in a color coded comprehensive format. It is possible to view each of them individually or print the whole summary.

The program is also capable of presenting the advisory and watches through maps for your selected region. You can also set audio and video alarms that alert you when the advisories or warnings are to be issued. Not only for your own area, you can even get the warnings for coastal regions and lakes. This feature is highly useful for boaters and fishermen. You can also set the timings for checking for warnings. They can be saved to your disk or can be printed. You can choose to send email notifications automatically for warnings, watches and advisories to yourself or friends. It even features a bookmark tool that lets you access your most used weather information.

The program features a system tray icon that displays the current weather conditions for your selected location so that you have it at your fingertip, always! The QuickLinks component gives you a quick access to the radar, forecast and satellite data. You can also have easy access to the national weather news right on your desktop.

So, get this great tool for yourself today and stay on the top of the weather!