Download stratus is a user friendly weather widget that provides us with the weather forecast of any location instantly and with a five day weather forecast along with the current day’s forecast. As per the Adobe air, stratus is a widget that can be visualized on the desktop wherever you drag it. Just by clicking on the calendar button a very simple five day weather forecast based on any location would be available and can be switched from night and day or vice versa, or even between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Based on the settings, you can choose any location of your choice, even though stratus allows you to choose only one location at a time. It would be helpful to a have a saved list of locations as you could just click on the saved location and get an easy look of the 5 day forecast of the location. A feature of selecting between the black and white texts is also provided depending on the background color and the ease in your reading. It has also been designed with a semi transparent graphic outlay which enables it to provide a better look for the readers.

It also provides you with a very informative display as it helps in providing an expanded 15 day weather forecast apart from the initial 5 day weather forecast which appears very short otherwise. The widget also provides with the current weather and the forecast for the entire day along signs of precipitation and the amount of precipitation in numeric terms or the snowfall depending on the weather conditions in that region. The hourly forecast is also a unique feature which provides an hourly detail of the weather. If you want to stay update with the weather, this widget can be of a real use for you.