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Pixton is easy and fun to use with pre-made templates and characters. Its basic functionality is free but with a small monthly subscription, the user can enroll in Pixton Plus for additional features, layouts and character templates. Pixton’s pre-made templates enable you to choose your character’s gender, hair-color, facial features and more, but you can’t physically draw an image as in other comic book softwares. Pixton’s characters are fully posable, with bendable joints and moveable legs, arms, hands and feet. Pixton need not be installed into your computer as it is hosted online. All you need is an internet connection.

You can add different layers into a typical comic strip square while creating a comic. These layers can be people, props or backgrounds. The images imported into Pixton can be resized within this square. You can also add elements on top of the image, but no further changes will be made. You can add emotions and expressions to your character using word balloons with adjustable text. The comic’s facial features can also be altered. Once the storyline is fixed, you have several options. You can save the image in Pixton’s online community where other users vote and view it. You can also share the image on the Facebook page or email it. The attachments are in the PNG format.

Pixton has an online community with FAQs and video tutorials dedicated to assist its users. They also provide their email ids and phone numbers for technical support. Pixton is not the type of comic book software that lets you create comic books from scratch. You can insert image from your computer, but the software has no functionalities dedicated to drawing. The pre-made characterization makes it easy and fun to create characters and also help you share it with friends and family.

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