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Picturelife software application is perfectly suited for those users who wish to take advantage of the cloud-based services for keeping a backup of their precious pictures. This software allows its users to store all their photos and videos in a secured manner in the cloud while providing them with ease of access at any time. Thus, users can save a lot of space on the hard drive of their desktops while also ensuring that they have backup of their photos and videos at a reliable location.

The Picturelife software application allows its users to connect with photos and videos that they might be having dispersed on different social media and photo-sharing sites. The users can also use this software to post their photos and videos on multiple social media sites at one go. Thus, users can efficiently organize the various photos and videos that they might have strewn across the internet for better viewing experience.

This software enables the users to organize all of their photos and videos according to the date of capture and the location. Thus after syncing the photos with the software, Picturelife automatically groups them into existing albums by plotting them on a map. Thus, it becomes so much easier for the users to keep taking photos without having to worry about organizing them.

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