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PhotoOne Print is an easy to use digital scrapbooking software that comes in with great clip art options and better image importing options. The software is rather easy to use. The editing options of the software, includes all the basic editing tools as cropping, color adjustment, contrast, red eye correction and so on. This software provides the users with more of such basic editing features, such as adding advanced shape effects to an image, keeping original image size ratio, rotating and flipping images, adjusting exposure and many image effects, such as mosaic, sharpen, blur, add noise, sepia, emboss, posterize, and solarise.

PhotoOne Print does not allow importing an image directly from a scanner. It does not allow the user to share the output as well. However, it supports the import of an image file in about 40 different formats.

Help and support options are available through an online quick start guide and email support. There is also a help section in the software itself which is more or less adequate. PhotoOne Print is a lightweight software in the arena of digital scrapbooking software's but it shows a lot of potential. For quick and swift creation of collages and scrapbooks, it is perfect.

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