Download XPS to Images Converter Portable

XPS to Images Converter Portable software can be a useful tool for converting XML Paper Specification or XPS documents to sets of images in formats that are in common use. Thus, users of this software tool can easily convert various XPS files into set of images with utmost ease and accessibility. This software tool not only allows its users to convert the XPS documents into images but also let them determine the DPI or the image size.

XPS to Images Converter Portable software is an extremely handy application for those users who wish to convert large number of documents in XPS format with utmost efficiency. The GUI and CLI program at the front-end of this software provides for full command line support for efficient conversion activity. Apart from the option of changing the DPI of the resulting images, this software also allows for the assigning page numbers and intervals to the page numbers in the documents.

This software also provides for greater efficiency during the conversion process by the use of multiple numbers of document processors. The software allows its users to specify the path and name template for the output images generated from the XPS documents. This software runs perfectly well on computers with the Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. Thus, users of this software can convert XPS documents into images with utmost efficiency.


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