Download Virtual Plastic Surgery Software VPSS

Virtual Plastic Surgery Software (VPSS) is a photo wrapper and editor software tool used for providing multiple photo editing features, thereby simulating a plastic surgery in a virtual manner. This tool will help both a plastic surgeon as well as an end user who knows nothing about the complexities of plastic surgery on how an image will look like after the plastic surgery. Having said about plastic surgery, do not expect the tool to be a tedious and complicated tool. It is a simple and easy to use tool with the basic features of stretch, shrink and grow and helps us to apply and try a series of modifications to our look and feel on any of our features.

This tool contains an additional feature called ‘reconstruct’ which allows us to apply common features such as text, lines & rectangles, eraser and color pixel to our images. The mentionable feature of this tool includes its ability to capture live pictures through the systems webcam and have editions applied on them. This way, a plastic surgeon can use this tool to explain a prospective client on the various effects of the plastic surgery on their body. This tool has a well defined interface where we can store pictures of interest in different tabs, each having different effects of editions and thus make a comparison among them.

There is also provision to store all the different images in the same page for quick and close differentiation. This tool does not consume much resource on the system it runs. Surprisingly, it occupies little RAM memory and requires moderate amount of hard disk space for installation. The beauty of this tool is that it can be used by highly professional experts for their profession as well as can be used by any lay person even for having good amount of fun.

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