Download Picture Editor for PC Windows

Picture Editor for PC Windows allows for easy manipulation of photos to all android users. This app comes with an extremely responsive user interface, which provides touch, and pinch based response for zooming pictures and playing with them with utmost ease. Therefore, user can add various effects and get the precise results for their photos in an efficient manner. The effects on offer cover all aspects of photography, and helps in creating unique photos through combination of such effects.

Picture Editor for PC Windows allows its users to adjust various aspects of their photos such as color, contrast, brightness, saturation, and much more. Moreover, users can apply a large variety of effects such as those for gamma correction, auto tone, sharpen, blur, and others. Users can also add filters for making the photos have finishes similar to sketch, oil paint, sepia, black & white, and much more. Users can perform all such editing functions on photos imported from the photo gallery or camera.

Users get to add text and images to the photos as well. They can then save their creations in either JPEG or PNG format with flexible control of JPEG quality available as well. Finally, they can share their collages via email, Facebook, Twitter, ad much more. Get it today at bluestack emulator.

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