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Google has never failed to impress the masses and its Picasa software happens to be one of the Google products which continue to attract people right from its inception. It is a web photo hosting software from brand Google and offers 1 GB free hosting space to all the users. The users would get to upload pictures from the free desktop image management application from Google. For those who require additional storage would have to shell out a specified amount to access 400 times the space offered in the basic free version.

Most of the Google products are painstakingly simple and easy to use. They are aimed at customer satisfaction and Picasa is no different whatsoever. The software functions smooth in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Picasa offers three functions, Explore, Favorites and the My Photos section. The prominent upload button and the clean interface makes navigation easy and uploading pictures a comfortable experience. Few of the other options of the software includes the slideshow view, share via email option, order prints, make a movie, make a collage and the various edit options.

Over the last few years the number of such media management software’s has increased by leaps and bounds, yet, Picasa manages to woo the masses. It is quite similar to iPhoto or .Mac applications and is chiefly known for its desktop and web integration. The built-in Geo tagging feature is one of the other notable positives of the same. Hence, if you are looking for a software which would allow you to manage your pictures and share them over the net at ease, you should definitely go for Picasa. The software has made its name owing to the good organization tools, face recognition feature, online integration and impressive photo effects. It is a good photo editor, one that would put a smile across your face.

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