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Most of the image editing tools are packed with the basic image manipulation functions in an easy to use design. PhotoScape is a software application in the same category designed to provide you some fun along with usability through its out of class features and options. You can enhance your photos using this powerful tool that contains the following components to serve your photo editing requirements:

- Viewer : Lets you view the images from any location and creates slideshows with photos.

- Editor : Allows you to edit your photos with options like resizing, adjusting color and brightness, backlight correction, adding text, frames, red eye removing, cropping, effect brush and paint brush.

- Batch Editor : Lets you edit many photos at a time.

- Combine : Join more than one photos to create one.

- Splitter : Cut a photo into multiple pieces.

- Rename : Batch mode changing of file names for photos.

- Print : Lets you print the photos in various ways.

With so many functions, it is not believable that it is really free to use. It has almost everything that you would need to optimize and enhance your pictures. It can even be used as an option for the popular Photoshop software. An added feature is the Face Search that lets you look for the similar faces over the internet. It even facilitates adding special effects to your photos.

For beginners, it caters the basic requirements with photo editing when they want to make minor changes. However, advanced users can also benefit from it using its standard photo editing abilities. In short, PhotoScape is the perfect software for any class of users looking for a quality photo editor for themselves. Download this freeware today and make your life easier and interesting by having fun with and enhancing your photos collection.

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