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PhotoPerfect is the perfect tool to edit and manipulate your digital images. This application is published by Arcadia software AG and utilized by Microsoft Windows in its entire commercial photo editing software. The major difference between this tool and other programs such as Adobe Flash and GIMP is that this tool allows the user to edit the current picture and not for a new graphical creation.

The applications features are available both in the menu format as well as icon formats on optional tool bars. The application is designed in an easy and user friendly interface, wherein every image selected for edition is opened in a separate window. A new window will be opened for the same image with different set of preferred options. This makes the edition a clear and manageable workout. The application allows us for a varied list of functions such as slide shows, animation creation, easy options for measurements of the image, lens correction, and so on. For slide show, it uses the FFV.exe, familiar slide show viewer. The animation function is possible through the sequencing of the images, generally called panning. This application also has the feature to generate 3D images from the existing 2D images, which is the need of today’s multimedia world.

This tool allows even a lay person to become a professional image editor, that too at a very fast pace. The  good aspects of this application is its bulk processing capabilities, where in the user after selecting a particular format, can apply them on hundreds of images at a time. It runs efficiently on all Window OS systems except NT. The extensive Help window and the good customer support from Arcadia are encouraging factors to spend some money and try becoming a professional. The compatibility with any image format is the strength of this tool, in addition to its performance and functionality.

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