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PhotoMagic is a special type of photo tool that helps you to keep your memorable photos for lifetime. Spending too much time on taking photos and then let it to go astray, is not an intelligent option. Keeping those memorable photos in your hard disk or hard copy means that any day those photos can decay, tear away or get damaged. Why take risks in keeping photos on your computer hard disk as in any moment those brilliant moments of your life could easily be lost.

PhotoMagic provides you with a certain opportunity to make your digital images last lifelong. Digital images that you capture with the help of a digital camera can be converted into a nice photo show and it can be written on a DVD to last a higher life time. On any kind of family occasion such as marriage, anniversaries, or any different kind of family reunion you can think of, pictures are a must. These pictures store the most memorable events in your life and PhotoMagic is just the tool to revive those images for a long lasting time.

By recording those memorable images to a DVD, it secures the fact that the pictures will stay with you forever as those will not be destroyed and get damaged. PhotoMagic helps you to record these images to a DVD where you get to choose the pictures by your own hand. Also, with the help of this software you will be able to add transition effects, texts, introductions and even some effects to make your pictures look brighter than ever.


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