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Photo organizer is a brilliant tool for those individuals who are habituated to take too many numbers of photos from their digital camera. It also helps you if you are an individual with photography being taken as profession. Managing these photos with tags of different events is not at all easy as the numbers of photos are not at all small.

Photo organizer will certainly arrange all your photos whenever you try to transfer them to your hard disk in an arranging order. As an example- if you go to shoot pictures in a marriage ceremony on one day and on the other to another one, there is a possibility that the pictures will get transferred into a large folder containing the photos of both the events. Even with using Picasa, you will only be able to put a name to the folder that will describe that the particular folder holds pictures of both the events.

But in case of Photo Organizer, it will recognize the time period between the two events and their photos and will arrange the photos accordingly. Here also, the photos will be transferred to folder but not a single one. The software will itself recognize the two different events and will create two different folders while transferring the photos to their corresponding folder only.

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