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Photo Crop Editor, as suggested by its name, is a photo or image cropping and editing tool that offers interactive features to select and crop an image from its original background. This tool claims to offer a simple mechanism to create new backgrounds for your photos or digital images or place your cropped images in different pictures to help create new and creative art-work. With this tool, you will be able to crop images, even if the color of the background and the image’s foreground are the same. This tool claims to be a cost-effective mechanism to take care of your digital photo or image editing requirements. Its interface is quite clean and simple, with a lot of working space and few commands that take care of the selecting and cropping requirements.

Available on a free to try basis, with functional limitations, you can implement this tool in Windows systems including Windows 2000, 2008, 7, NT, Me, XP, Vista, and Server versions. You can use this tool to select images, execute simple and quick cropping of the image, select required backgrounds, and save or print the new image. It is, basically, a simple cropping tool. You can crop by using the quick crop mechanism or execute manual cropping of images. The tool also allows you to rotate, re-size, or zoom the cropped image before placing it in its new background.

The quick crop option is considered a beneficial tool for inexperienced or beginner-level users. You can crop an image by marking an object using mouse strokes. The tool automatically defines the boundary. This can be further edited as per your requirements. You can also use the color of the image to implement quick crops. Once this is done, you can cut and paste the image into its new background. This is a product from the house of iFoxSoft.

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