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My Photo Album Edit is a friendly photo editor tool designed and developed by Magic Software. This is an image browser tool which helps you to convert and edit images comfortably and conveniently. This tool is very rich in its inbuilt features of image viewing, photo editing, and color adjustments. This tool supports a wide range of image formats and also ensures compatibility of the converted images with latest software and tools. The tool specializes in image editing features such as red eye removal, white color balancing, resizing and resampling, along with fantastic facility for image management.

The tool can work on images with formats like JPG, TIF, BMP, WMF, ICO, AVI, MPG, MPEG and PNG.  It can convert the images in to other formats such as HTML, DOC, PPT, XLS, VSD and PDF.  The tool is capable of creating eBook from the input images and also can create a photo album, with just the click of a button. There is a slide show recording feature which produces file output just like log reference. The slide shows can be created with more than 168 transition effects, which produces mind blowing variations in the outcome of the slideshow. The tool has excellent support for music files and can provide them as background during slide preparations

The tool does not require any other software of processing files of a specific format. It is a standalone application and does not require MS Word while converting an image to DOC format. The tool can handle bulk images and can convert all of them in to a single document or a PDF file, maintaining the order of input. It is also capable of creating an image stamp for future reference. It comes with a free to try version available for thirty days. This software is operational on all flavors of windows operating systems.