Download Just Color Picker

There are times when you are looking for a software that may help you out while picking up the colors and in such cases Just Color Picker could be the best feasible option that you will ever get due to its myriad interesting features such as it provides color codes like RGB, HSL, HTML, HSB, which enables the users to choose from a wide range of colors.

Another major aspect of this tool is that it offers 3X, 9X and 15X is the limit for your aid. Besides having such as enriched list of attributes it also work really well with the various components of Just Color Picker. It also provides a great user defined hotkey just to make sure that the pictures have been captured aptly which is the major component of this software.

The tool supports multilingual interface such as Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Bulgarian, Catalan and many more. The best part of using Just Color Picker is that you don’t have to worry about the pictures anymore especially the users can copy or paste any genre of color codes so that they can get a professional look while applying various operations by using Just Color Picker. It can be installed easily to the higher versions of windows.

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