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Fotor is an image editing application that is exclusively designed for Microsoft Windows 8. In the picture editing mode, the image takes up most of the screen space and an editing toolbar appears on the right side of the screen. This toolbar is divided into eight different sections. Out of them, six sections contain editing tools like Basic color correction, cropping, effects, borders, focus effects, and text tools and the other two sections lets the user open new files for editing, and save their existing work.

The color correction tool lets the user brighten or add or remove a color palette from the image. Cropping tool comes with around fifteen predefined sizes and also an option for free size cropping. The effects and borders tools offers a variety of options to choose from that can be applied to the image. Focus effects makes viewpoint adjustments to the image. Lastly, if the user wishes to insert text to the image, the text tool helps them do that easily.

Fotor turns out to be great option for users who look to edit their pictures and make them look beautiful in no time. It is quick and sleek and offers a modern effective interface for all.

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