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FantaFace Mixer software can be the ideal tool for using multiple images to create fantastic face composites in an efficient and enthusiastic manner. This tool can be the wonderful companion to those users who wish to create faces by mixing up different faces. This software can also help its users in generating photo-realistic faces according to age, gender, and ethnicity that are free from copyright restrictions. The addition of editing tools that most people would find easy to use makes it perfect for any user.

The FantaFace software tool is capable of recognizing and extracting various facial features with the help of its face detection and feature extraction features. These techniques function to enable the software to extract various facial details such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc. from any face. The presence of editing tools help in placing key dots on appropriate positions on the face while it also enable better control of the mixing process.

The FantaFace Mixer software tool supports images in various file formats such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, and even 32-bit with alpha formats that are more common for professional uses. This software also supports export to still images or HTML files from headshots captured by video devices. The user interface of this software makes it even more fun to mix and match different faces into one classic face composite.


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