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FaceFilter Studio, as suggested by its name, is a photo editing software utility that is intended to help users make edits to their digital images to change expressions, enhance looks, and even create comical pictures out of gorgeous images. And as evident from its name, it focuses on editing expressions and features of the face of the people in your digital pictures. Designed and developed by Reallusion, it claims to offer several photo editing features that can be beneficial for beginners and advanced users alike.

The tool is considered an ideal choice for making correction in your digital photographs such as correcting red eye, enhancing or changing skin tones and color, changing or enhancing facial expressions, etc. If you want to make your face look the perfect one by making changes to skin tone, facial structure, color balance, etc; this tool claims to be the ideal choice. The tool comes integrated with fully automated facial mapping technology with 3D. And this is what helps you accomplish facial enhancements and changes, up to the level of removing blemishes, smoothening wrinkles, and sharpening your facial features.

Some of the other prominent features offered by this tool are editing facial masks, implementing facial based morphing, smart color correction, and skin filtration. You can check out the functionalities of the tool by availing its trail version that is available for a limited duration of 15 days. A Windows based tool, you can implement it in Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions. For those looking for a tool to enhance the digital images and creating gorgeous pictures from simple images, this is the tool.

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