Download Face Swap for PC Windows

Face Swap for PC Windows is an extremely funny app, which allows android users to swap the faces of people in photos in an extremely simple and yet effective manner. Users can import any picture from their photo gallery or directly load photos taken with the camera on their device to play with them. If making others the butt of the joke by swapping their faces on photographs is the intention, then this app is the right choice for all such users.

Face Swap for PC Windows provides a wide range of cool features to its users such as automatic face detection, which is particularly useful for any app aimed at playing with faces in the photos. Users can also opt for the face adjustment feature to adjust the faces, while the face scaling option is suitable for scaling faces by simply touching and dragging on the screen. In addition to that, users can select any face and rotate it using the rotation slider available with the face rotation feature.

Some of the other features on offer for the users include those for flipping and swapping faces, as well as, flexibility in saving them at various locations including SD card. Users can also share them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and much more with ease. Get it at bluestack app player.

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