Download Face Smoother

Face Smoother is a photo editing software which comes handy when you want to smooth the faces in your photographs and modify their brightness, contrast, resolution, and saturation. It helps you to clear the blemishes on your face and improve the photo quality, especially that of the shots of the people. This tools works with photo formats like JPG and BMP files and is capable of storing the finished photo in any other format you wish.

The one best feature or attribute of this tool is its user interface. The tool itself will help an ordinary user to learn from its menu options, about all its available features. The well designed interface helps the user avoid the not well organized Help file and seek clarification with the helpful command icons present along the interface itself. Apart from smoothening effects, this tool also provides us many other editing features such as sharpening, rotate, resize, adjust, etc. The rotate, resize, and adjust options are quite friendly ones to operate as the objects can be customized by entering new dimensions or by making use of sliders. The smooth and the sharpen features are automatically applied by this tool on any object set as input. This is quite surprising because as an end user you have no control over these features as you cannot decide on the intensity of these effects on your photo.

The tool has a go back feature to undo the activities we have performed on the images. The preview window allows us to have a look on the modified images on how they look after saving the changes. There is a 30 day trial period allowed for testing this tool. There is a lack of total control, provided by the tool, to edit images and this stays a huge barrier in enjoying working with this application.

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