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EZThumbnail is a photo book software that specializes in thumbnail photo album. Once downloaded, this online application can help you enable a direct link to open it from your desktop. The software includes built-in background templates and a separate photo editor, with which you can personalize the albums that you have created. The albums created are simply a page of thumbnail images displayed in columns and rows. Once you click on any of the thumbnails, you get to access the larger version of the images. The elegant interface enables you find your images in a jiffy.

So, what are the things that EZThumbnail allows you to do? Well, people may use the slider control to rotate images and adjust their brightness, sharpness and quality. They can even customize the width and height of the images, using re-size options like best fit, enlarge, shrink or stretch. EZThumbnail is a Freeware and hence can be used by all. That means that it does not nag you with annoying advertisements or any malicious spyware. The software offers ten re-sampling algorithms, which include triangle, bell, hermite, bspline, mitchell, lancoze 3, fast linear and linear among the notable. It can rotate images, adjust the JPEG quality, brightness, sharpness and contrast. The built-in viewer compares the original with the output results.

EZThumbnail has more to it than generating thumbnails. It handles EXIF data in JPEG files intelligently, preserving it for images over 300x300 pixels and stripping it out of smaller thumbnails. There are a number of re-sampling filters available to experiment with and achieve the best possible results. All this makes EZThumbnail a great photo book software.

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