EXPress Collage Lite

Download EXPress Collage Lite

EXPress Collage Lite is a editing software designed and developed by eXPress partners for customizing presentations and creating collages in an easy and effective manner. You can create amazing presentation using your images already available in different formats and add effective music and captions. These types of collage presentations will give you great satisfaction in gathering the family photos or your art collections, all put together logically and aesthetically.

The tool is available with a wizard which will be greatly beneficial to beginners who would like to make use of the features of this utility. Apart from the wizard, there are many helpful features in project window, whereby the user can learn to use the various pre-designed templates. The tool also provides many features which are relevant to advanced users who can customize almost all the project characters such as placement and sizing of the pictures in the collage, deciding on the back ground settings including color and images. There are many features associated with the sound and music settings for the collage. The tool accepts many formats of sound files and is flexible in playing it at different scenarios.

The tool finally takes good care on the sharing of the collage options to the user. You can publish a collage as a standalone presentation requiring no specific collage application for it to run or view.  The latest version of this application includes new attractive templates and excellent layouts. The introduction of the single screen design interface helps you to create a new collage presentation in a very short period. This free to use application is also offered with a cost for upgrades.  This tool is operational on all windows platforms including XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8 systems.