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Evernote Skitch by Developer Evernote is an application, designed for the purpose of creating images, web pages and map annotations. The app is integrated with a very simple yet powerful interface and its performance is quite smooth and impressive. Loaded with multiple exciting features, it runs efficiently on various platforms like Windows 8, Android and iOS. The set up and installation is quite easy and even a beginner wouldn't face any problem handling this application.

Evernote Skitch readily syncs with all the devices of the users without any hassle or complication. It works at a very fast pace and finishes the tasks efficiently, saving time at the same time giving the best performance. The tools associated with the application have their own set of unique and valuable functions. The concept is very simple. The user would be directed to the home page of the app which is a blank canvas. From there, one can either import images from the gallery or directly click a picture with the device’s camera and then start with the desired annotations with the help of the tools provided. One can also directly add any annotation to the Google Maps and web pages without any further requirement.

The overall editing interface is pretty cool and easy to grasp. One wouldn't run out of space, given the size of the canvas. The user can add as many details as possible with the wide range of shapes and effects available from the app. The features are really impressive and one can draw and customize to their heart’s content. This is certainly the best drawing app available in this genre and one must give it a try for sure.

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