Download ACDSee 15

A new version of ACDSee for photo editing has been announced and it is ACDSee 15. It shares the features with ACD's pro version of photo editing tools but also incorporates some all new features like adding special effects, sharing and posting photos over internet, creating CDs and slideshows and more. It is more a photo manager than just an editor. You get to organize your photos the way you want. Finding and organizing your image files was never so easy. Share your creative works with friends and family using ACDSee cloud, Twitter, Facebook or email. Make the most out of your photos with this amazing tool.

On installing this program, you can customize it to handle the types of files you want it to. Also, you associate your images with the program. A start up guide explains the functions and features of the program. The interface and settings resemble the native ACDSee family tools so that you would not take time getting started with it. Let us see its features one by one:

  • Manage: Serving as a one stop location for your collection of images, you will be able to track your photos easily, no matter you have collected thousands of them. Browsing for images is easier and you can sort them by any criteria you find useful. Create categories, rate and tag your photos. Import from any storage device. Support for all file formats let you bring together a huge collection at one place. Powerful search returns quick and accurate results for whatever you look for.
  • View: Focus on viewing your photo and nothing else with its full screen mode with navigator and magnifying glass to study an area of it. Create slideshows with your photos and preview it or set timings as you prefer.
  • Edit: The set of professional editing tools give your photos the look you want. Save your original files and the edited ones for future use. Edit brush tool lets you edit a part of photo, set exposure, adjust details, change color or add special effect. More editing tools are red eye removal, clarity editor, etc.
  • Share: With this tool, you have various choices for sharing your memories. Post them to Facebook or Twitter, email them, send to the cloud, print them, optimize and upload to FTP or create slideshows to publish to your own website so that you can have your friends and family access your favorite collection of photos.

For all who have a collection of photos to manage and share, this tool is very helpful!

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