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The OxyFile file manager software tool can be perfect for those users who are looking at software applications to provide them with access to the digital contents on their smartphones though their PCs. Thus, users of this software can help themselves to access the file structure of the various items stored in their smartphone with the Explorer like interface making it even simpler to use. They can gain access to and use the data on their phone memory and flash drive quite efficiently by using this software.

This file manager software tool allows its users to download and save any of the data that they may have stored on their smartphone. The software can gain access to data stored in the phone memory, as well as, those stored in flash cards. Thus, the users can gain access to all the data that is stored in their smartphone from their PCs.

The OxyFile file manager tool also allows its users to add new files to their smartphones, which can be quite convenient for many. This software also provides the possibility of viewing hidden files and folders, as well as, system files stored in any smartphone through a PC. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. Thus, this software tool can help their users in gaining all the information stored in the smartphone without any fuss.


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