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Final Draft, as the name suggests, is an efficient and useful software utility, which eases the work of the user and reduces his efforts in producing the final documentation of his work. It is technically screen writing software used for the purpose of writing, formatting and editing different screen plays in order to meet the necessary submission standards that are set by theatres, television authorities, film industries etc. Not only this, the software can also be used for writing stage plays, treatments, graphics, novels, letters, outlines, manuscripts and a host of other standard text files. In fact, Final Draft is today considered as the standard for screenplays, creative scripts, teleplays and a series of other write-ups and articles.

This software utility was launched on the eighth of April in the year 2009. It has a collection of over fifty movies and other television templates. It has the unique quality of allowing the user to assign computer-generated voices to the characters of their choice, who read the script out loud during the sessions. The Final Draft software is incorporated with the collabo writer, which allows numerous different users of Final Draft to collaborate simultaneously on a real time basis through the Internet.

The tool can also be used for writing videos on television, reality shows, news, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, presentations etc. the software makes use of the popular split page and two column video as well as audio formats. This software has highly eased the task of screenwriting and given it a simpler and more conventional approach.

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