Enhance Preview XT

Download Enhance Preview XT

Enhance Preview XT can be a handy extension for the users of QuarkXPress to help them in improving the display quality of the pixel based images. This module lets the users view various digital pictures in the same the way that they view while using the Photoshop software. Thus, users of this software tool can expect to view clear images with razor sharp resolution even at the 800% magnification it supports.

Enhance Preview XT allows its users to enhance the quality of screen display of all the file formats that QuarkXPress and various other picture import extensions support. Thus, users can view high-resolution images instead of poor pixilated previews that are common with displays at such high magnification and picture scale up to 1000%. This software tool allows its users to view high quality previews of the grayscale, color, and bitmap of the digital images.

The Enhance Preview XT can help its users in using non-PostScript color printers to print enhanced screen previews, which helps in improving the quality of the color proofs. Users can also crop their images with greater precision, as well as, generate soft-proofs of the pictures having greater color accuracy. This software generated picture documents having low memory requirements, which helps in saving space on the hard drive. Thus, users of this software can generate better quality pictures with far greater color accuracy.