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This software is basically one that is meant for the schematic capture, ASIC or IC design and printed circuit board design. It is actually an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) or Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software system. It was programmed with engineers in mind and is thus capable of meeting every need that may arise during designing a printed circuit board or an IC or an ASIC design. Also BAE Schematics, which is a part of this software, generates for other BAE and other such Third Party Layout systems Net Lists. BAE Schematics also generates FGPA design systems and simulation tools.

Bartels AutoEngineer has a main window wherein the user has to select the tools that he wants to work with. Next Bartels AutoEngineer also has a unique layout editor, which will let the user, engineer or designer create a layout. This layout of the PCB board is the basis of and schematic design. New sheets can also be generated here. The symbols menu of Bartels AutoEngineer allows the user to insert new symbols and items into the design and also to manage the size of the workspace. The Graphics option in the menu lets the user add graphic area or dot line or graphic line etc.

Text can be inserted into the schematics from the text option in the menu, which allows the user not only to add, move, copy, edit or delete text but also to select the font. The Plot output option lets the user control the HP – GL output and the post script output. Other options in the menu are Parts, Traces and Areas that allow the user to make various changes to the design. Bartels AutoEngineer comes with an excellent help file which will make using the software a breeze. The user interface is simple and intuitive and the output is professional and high quality. Bartels AutoEngineer is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems.

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