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AutoCAD is delicate and sophisticated software to work with. It has some provisions and rules to maintain it in a good condition. It is the complete solution for all the difficulties faced by AutoCAD while implementing itself. AutoCAD Owner Guard is basically programed for the company and enterprise drawing, to maintain security level and official hologram. It protects all the files and folders which are stored under its database. The software consist basic two modes of operation. One concedes the operating purpose and software part. And the other includes the utility part along with the file management portion.

Another most important fact about this software is that, it is programed with the most improved germen algorithm technology although it is very easy and simple in nature. This simplicity forwards the software in graphic design software category and CAD software sub-category. Due to its reputation all the windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 including the latest windows 8 also support AutoCAD Owner Guard. It doesn’t even require any additional software backup to support it. It is self-supportive in nature as it can manage on its own. This software requires only about AutoCAD file and 8MB of hard disc space to operate itself.

AutoCAD Owner Guard was published in the year of 2012, November with its unique range of improvisation and features. It is composed on advance 512 bit encryption for the advance drawing and design facility. It also includes advance digital right protection system to protect the user’s private data from others. This software also supports many functions like machine-dependency, Date of Expiry, Duration of work, print water-marking and many others. All this is done under full automated license technology. This AutoCAD Owner Guard is really true software with a multi-use vibrant range of operators and tools.

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