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AutoCAD LT is the light weight CAD software in the AutoCAD family, which offers robust 2D computer drafting and detailing jobs. The AutoCAD design applications from Autodesk, the most leading computer aided design Software Company, which dominates in providing computer design software for the Mechanical industry. This tool in review is one of its robust design software. The major reason for the success of this tool is its sleek design and wonderful interface that is jam packed, still relatively easy to navigate. The software is quite costly and requires a good amount of time in its tutorial for a clear understanding of its capabilities and functions. But the cost invested and time spent in learning of the application is worth the investment as any good designer can reach the break even at an extremely faster pace.

This software provides every feature a computer aided design engineer expects form a tool. There are such innumerable tools available within this feature; the software itself offers the user the ability to create palettes to ensure that only those tools required for the current job are present and easily available. The drag and drop facility allows the user to ease their job in the design and also allows for different variations in the creational activities. The software has a feature of command history, where all the recent commands are listed in order of execution. This is quite useful as a group activity, where one knows the activities of the previous team member. The command search option allows the users to quickly search for commands using wild characters. The object reusability is implemented in this software by the introduction of macros. These are a set of commands executing a particular task, similar to a function in programs.

Given all the above features, it is surprising that this software does not support 3D modeling and limits itself to 2D. Except this drawback, there is nothing lacking in this software when it comes to computer aided designing. Despite such detailed functions available in the application, this software is easy to operate and efficient in its process. This is without doubt one of the best 2D drafting application for design.

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